Jevan Jyothi is one of the running Project of St thomas Mission Bhilai.The main concept of this project is ‘No children should be out of education’. Education is the life line for poor children to get out poverty. These projects are spread in various district of Chathisgarh.The children in these areas are seen as more vulnerable and have poor educational indicators than other due to several reason. Jeevanjyothi strengthens the educational foundation of children and is an important strategy for achieving universalization of primary education. If every child can avail of some kind of early childhood education, the chances that the child will go on to a regular school are high. This atmosphere exposure will enhance and strengthen the child’s subsequent school performance, in terms of achievement and attendance. Jeevan Jyothi targets children from low-income families in the age group of 3 to 10 years and familiarizes them with texts worlds. These projects now located in Durg ang Jagadalpur district. Each Balawadies has around 30-35 children with Teachers and Instructors. In these projects we cover the cost of teachers, equipment, and snacks of children in every balwadies

Objectives of this Project

  • To Provide basic education in rural areas
  • To provide basic health care
  • Education and rising of consciousness among parents of working children.
  • To combat child hunger and malnutrition
  • Provide maximum employment chances to local women

Key activities of these Projects

  • Oral teaching
  • Informal Education
  • Leisure time activities include storytelling, puzzles, Games
  • Physical exercises


  • 1000 children got Basic education through 5 Balawadies
  • Five balawadies of 30 student each imparting preliminary education