Abhaya Niketan Makodia is one of the projects of St. Thomas Mission Bhilai started by the initiative of Late Lamented Dr Stephanos Mar Theodosius Metropolitan, and is continuing to do so under the guidance of H.G. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius Metropolitan. The project focuses on educational, health, livelihood and social welfare activities in M.P. The mission started working in the Hoshangabad districts since 1984 and started its activities at Makodia after purchasing an old bungalow of the British missionaries, which they built in the year 1914. Makodia is the foothills of the Satpura ranges and these areas are mostly inhabited by Gond and Korku tribes from ancient times. This place is also historically important as the Gond kings had their fort in this area and relics are found at a Golondo,just 8 kms away.Makodia serves as one entry point to the villages in this belt as it having road/bus connection to both Itars i& Seoni Agriculture is the main source of income for the people in this area. The average daily wages are just 40.

Rural development and agricultural activities were taken up at makodia in the begining under the name of St Thomas Mission. A medical clinic started functioning in the year 1991, Ahbaya Niketan balawadi and MGM School at Dhawakala was started to extend educational facilities in the rural areas. Following are the main projects run in Makodia

  • Medical Clinic
  • Self Home Groups
  • TB Eradication Programs
  • Tailoring Centre
  • Balawadi
  • Poultry farms